Coles smokey BBQ chicken drumsticks *product review*

My first sponsored product review, how exciting!

I recently got the opportunity to review Coles New range of grill ready products and am reviewing the Smokey BBQ Chicken Drumsticks.

These drumsticks come in a 1kg packet, pre marinated, (so you're saving time already!). The marinate is perfect to the ratio of drumsticks per pack (6). Nothing is worse than not having enough sauce!

They can be bbq'd or oven baked, I chose to oven bake mine, as I was already making the sides, and I'm not the best with the BBQ!

The instructions on the packetare easy to follow to pre the drumsticks, and then simply turn the oven on 180* for 40 minutes and you're done, so easy! 

The drumstick have a really subtle smokey taste to them, and the marinate flavour is locked in during the cooking time, making the flavours really come through and the coating nice and sticky to bite in to!

Would I purchase this product again? Yes, I might try the wings next time for something different! 

Coles Smokey BBQ chicken drumsticks 1kg packet 

Easy to prepare, simply follow the instructions on the pack.

Oven ready, with generous marinade

The marinade goes sticky after baking in the oven, so tasty! I served these with mashed potato and greens.